Sheet Metal Workers' International Association

Local 276

How to Apply for the CERB



Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As we all travel through uncharted waters, and learn how to navigate them, I want you all to know we are here for you! Below, you can see an outline of what steps need to be taken to apply for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit.

First, the application for the CERB $2000/month benefit will be done through CRA My Account; therefore, we encourage anyone who may be eligible for this program to register for a CRA My Account by clicking here (you will also be able to apply by phone, or through Service Canada if you already have a My Service Canada Account).

More details:
The application for the CERB will be available on APRIL 6TH.

A few key notes regarding the CERB:

  • In order to qualify, your need to have had no work, due to the pandemic, for 14 consecutive days in each month that you are applying (currently available up to 4 months).
  • You must have earned at least $5000 in employment income within the last 12 months
  • Anyone currently receiving EI as a result of the pandemic will now be switched to the CERB, and will start receiving 2000/month (regardless of what you were receiving under EI)
  • Applications are going to be accepted by the date of your birth.
    • If you were born in January, February, March, you can apply on Monday, April 6.
    • April, May, June you can apply Tuesday, April 7.
    • July, August, September you can apply Wednesday, April 8.
    • October, November, December, you can apply Thursday, April 9.

If you would like more information or have questions that we have not answered please give the office a call at 250-727-3458.

It’s in times of crisis, that I see the strength, generosity and resilience of our 276 members. We will get through this difficult time together.

Jason Pedersen

Business manager Local 276