Sheet Metal Workers' International Association

Local 276

For the Apprentice

Apprenticeships available through Local 276 are Sheet Metal, Architectural Sheet Metal, Flat Roofing, and Sloped Roofing. Any of the apprentice able trades offered by Local 276 and our Partner Contractors offers new entrants into the Local an opportunity to earn an income while learning a new career. A graduated pay and benefits system ensures regular increases in pay and benefits as you progress through your apprentice training. Unlike College or University after achieving your certification you won’t have large student loans to pay off, instead, you will be able to live comfortably on the wages and benefits offered to the journeypersons of our local.

Apprentices in our province are regulated by the Industrial Training Authority (ITA) and are sponsored by the Local 276 Joint Apprenticeship Committee (JAC), a joint labor/management committee that is responsible for all apprentices in the Local. The JAC supervises, monitors and assesses apprentice progress throughout their apprenticeship, assisting apprentices where needed.  The JAC also works on developing and delivering extra training, above that required by the ITA, to ensure Local 276 apprentices turn out to be the best journeypersons possible.

The apprenticeship system requires all apprentices to work a required number of on the job “Practical” hours under the supervision of a trained journeyperson along with specified “Technical” training offered through a recognized training provider.  A 95% plus completion rate of apprentices in the union sector proves that those with drive and dedication along with mentoring from a qualified journeyperson and the guidance of our JAC are bound to succeed.