Sheet Metal Workers' International Association

Local 276

For the Employer

Local 276 and its members work with our contractor partners to ensure we are meeting their needs. Our jointly managed apprentice program means training is been developed, in addition to that required by the province, to more precisely meet the ever-changing needs of our industry. Understanding our contractor’s needs for a skilled and reliable workforce is key and a main focus of local 276. Local 276 members abide by a strict “ Code of Ethics ” and are held accountable for their actions. A 100% name higher system ensures the right worker is sent for the job.  In this competitive marketplace having the right people at the right time with the flexibility to increase or decrease the size of the workforce as needed is imperative. The advantage for the Union contractor is having to make only one call to get the required skill workers, instead of the time-consuming process of advertising then screen potential workers.

Over 25 years of sustained labor harmony proves the strong commitment of both Local 276 and the Vancouver Island Sheet Metal Contractors Association in growing a strong and profitable Sheet Metal and Roofing industries on Vancouver Island. Local 276 representatives are prepared to sit down and discuss the advantages of being union with any potential employer and work on ways to meet your specific needs and requirements. In the end, we know that our members don’t work unless our contractors make a profit.