Sheet Metal Workers' International Association

Local 276

For the Worker

Dating back to 1909 Local 276 (then Local 134) has a history of representing the skilled men and women involved in the Sheet Metal and Roofing industries on Vancouver Island. "A fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay” and “Our Members make the difference” have long been the mottos of this Local.

Through collective bargaining with our contractors, we have established a working agreement that ensures good wages and conditions along with Health and Pension benefits that allow our members to work with dignity, raise and support their families and then retire with dignity. The Code of Ethics that all members abide by, ensure that our contractors can expect the best in skills and professionalism from a Local 276 member. Emphasis is put on the dedication and productivity of our member so we can seek, through the collective bargaining process, to maintain this level of comfort for our members.