Sheet Metal Workers' International Association

Local 276

Our Trades

Local 276 represents journeypersons working in the Sheet Metal, Architectural Sheet Metal, Flat Roofing, and Slope Roofing Trades.  Sheet Metal and Flat Roofing are both Red Seal Trades which are recognized Canadian Certifications and Architectural Sheet Metal and Sloped Roofing are B.C. only Certifications. As these trades have their own unique set of skill sets they each require a combination of practical on the job training and specialized technical training to complete prior to a final examination and certification is granted.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning - HVAC

Possibly the most commonly thought of job of the Sheet Metal Worker is “ductwork” related to HVAC.  Providing human comfort is perhaps the largest function of HVAC although fabrication and installation methods vary greatly depending on if the system is to be used industrially, institutionally, commercially or residentially. Regardless of the type of system, Local 276 members ensure that the systems are fabricated and installed to meet exact specifications to ensure maximum performance and energy efficiency.

Blow Pipe

Mainly an industrial application, Blow Pipe systems are designed to move product from various point in a mill or factory to a central collection point through the use of through a piping system not unlike a built-in vacuum. Specially designed systems, heavy duty blowers, and heavy gauged piping materials are used to withstand the demands of these industrial applications.

Architectural Sheet Metal

Over the past decade, Architectural Sheet Metal has become the exterior of choice for many building owners. Beauty and durability along with a wide range of new products allow architects to design amazing buildings with metal roofs and wall panel systems to adorn our cities. Although still part of the Sheet Metal Trade this sector has become so specialized that a standalone apprenticeship was developed in B.C. to meet the needs of this sector. Local 276 members install these new cutting-edge products as well as the more traditional cladding products used in industrial applications.  Many unseen building components such as metal roof decking, metal floor decking, and building envelope systems are also installed by our members in this sector.

Marine Sector

A resurgence in the marine sector has spurred much interest in the shipyards, our members in the shipyards train to Red Seal standards and apply those skills along with some unique to the shipyard. Subtle differences in fabrication and installation need to be learned by the Sheet Metal Workers in order to effectively apply their trade in the Shipyard.

Flat Roofing

Flat Roofing has made some incredible advances over the years now requiring our Red Sealed Roofers to become more versatile to meet the demands of a changing industry. Once a main stay of roofing the tar and gravel roof has all but disappeared, replaced by 2 ply torch on systems and single ply PVC or Rubber membranes.  Although still a physically demanding trade the technical expertise require installing these new products has grown greatly.

Sloped Roofing

Recently recognized as a trade in BC, the sloped roofer like the flat roofer will now be required to complete a set amount of practical and technical training in order to receive certification. This new designation will help ensure the quality of the tradesperson applying sloped roofing products.

Custom Sheet Metal

It can be said that everything we build is actually custom.  Our custom fabrication shops specialize in the design and fabrication of many one of a kind items made from, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass or any other metal or alloy thereof. Our craftspeople can lay out, cut, form, seam, rivet, weld, polish and finish any type of metal into anything imaginable. From stainless steel kitchens to copper hoods, if you can draw it we can build it.